Food and Beverage Marketing
Pioneers in Food and Beverage Marketing

Web Development

Being able to market your business is essential for its success. Marketing is not just advertising anymore, but it’s also about building credibility and trust with your audience through different communication channels and the new focus on digital platforms. With the rise of smartphones and apps, businesses have switched from traditional to digital marketing.

Performance Marketing

Have you revamped your marketing efforts to target the right customers? Are you investing in paid advertising, email campaigns, and social media through paid ads? If so, you can be sure that your competition is doing the same thing. After all, businesses today are growing at a faster rate than we ever thought possible thanks to digitalization and globalization.

Woocommerce Website Performance Marketing

We are not just a creative studio, we are a performance marketing agency. We believe our success is defined by the success of our clients' businesses. At W3 Marketing we pride ourselves in building long term relationships with brands that allow us to continuously evolve as an internet marketing company.

Food and Beverage

One of the most famous and in-demand industries in the world,

The food and beverage industries have seen constant growth over the past decade.

While the audience for this industry changes from brand to brand, strategies remain largely consistent—they’re made with customers in mind and focus on interaction, attraction, and assurance.

As partners for brands like Wagamama, Mister Baker, Marrybrown and others , we have the expertise to identify problems in marketing strategies and devise new techniques or tactics to induce more customers.

Content Marketing and engagement

When a new juice or food item is being introduced into the market, there’s no better way to create buzz around it than with content. Effective content will make potential customers want to look at it—and we know what works best!

Website Design and Development

A well-designed website makes a strong statement about your business: it shows that you take the effort to create something original and professional.

We prioritize creating website pages that are authentic, new and innovative. A common example of this is an interactive menu placed on a restaurant’s wall or table a QR code which drives traffic to the website when scanned.


We offer a full range of design services, including branding and collateral materials for new restaurants as well as makeover campaigns for established dining establishments.

Social Media Marketing


Everyone today knows that a brand is not complete without social media. To reach billions of people, your company’s presence on these networks needs to be effective and noticeable and the way you do this is by creating well-thought-out content and publishing it effectively.

As a social media marketing agency, we understand the power of stories. Social Media builds on what is already there a need for food or an enjoyable experience with friends and family and turns it into something viral that makes people want to visit your restaurant because of its amazing burgers.

Performance Marketing

With so many other restaurants in the area vying for customers, organic numbers alone no longer guarantee success.

Today people are more likely to find out about restaurants and try new concepts through social media ads, like Snapchat’s Snap Ads or Instagram Sponsored Posts.

Google Ads help you beat your competition and take the market share. Search Engine Optimization helps you list yourself as the “Best Steakhouse in Windsor ” or “Best Burger In Toronto,” for example the kind of business that people search for on Google.

Blogger Collaboration and Influencer Marketing

In today’s world, no brand can afford to ignore social media. With billions of people worldwide now connected online, it is crucial for any business or organization to be able to communicate through this medium.

To make your information appealing, you have to first consider what you will write and then publish it.

As an agency that specializes in social media marketing, we understand the power of this strategy: social media builds a story around a product or restaurant so people feel compelled to try it.


We help you create and implement a complete branding strategy for your business, including logo design, menu development, collateral materials (print advertisements or sales brochures) and uniforms.